Big happenings in our little office....

All right folks, We are taking entries for all sorts of things right now here at NCLAC.

First up: Call for Brewers time for ARToberfest Oct.11th!

We need all you crafty home brewers to come out with your best brews and wow the tastebuds of those in attendance at NCLAC's ARToberfest this October 11th! The event begins at 5pm, and lasts until 9pm.

Participating brewers will  compete for two brewers' awards: the $300 Devine Home Brewer People's Choice Award, and the $200 Devine Home Brewer Brewers' Choice Award!

Brewers may bring as many different home brews as they like, but they must have  about 200 "taster" servings altogether; usually brewers run out of beer early in the evening with the minimum. Brewers will serve their brews themselves, and will receive one "brewer volunteer" pass to admit an additional helper to assist them in serving their beer(s). NCLAC will provide food for the brewers when they come early at 4pm to set up before the event. Brewers provide every thing they need to store and pour their beers at the event, such as ice chests and kegs,  but NCLAC will provide the the things needed to serve the beers, such as tables, chairs for the brewers and their volunteers, cups and napkins.

To apply to be a participating brewer fill out the forms below and return them to us by August 31st! If you have any questions email, or call the NCLAC offices at 318-255-1450, Mon.-Thurs. from 9am-3pm.

ARToberfest Brewer Application         ARToberfest Brew Description Form

Second: Call for Artist-Vendors and downtown Ruston Businesses for Holiday Arts Tour Nov. 22-24th!

We need artists and businesses to help us make the 2013 Holiday Arts Tour a success once more, by applying to sell artwork and hand-made goods at a special location in downtown Ruston, or by registering to be that special place in downtown Ruston. The Tour will begin Thursday night with viewings of the participating artists' work, and open house sales downtown. It will continue Friday and Saturday during holiday sales' hours, with the artists in residence at the shops selling their wares.  Sunday participating artists' studios will be open, but artists in the participating businesses will have completed their sales. Participating businesses have no obligation to take part in any Sunday events.

Participating businesses will receive up to 20% of their resident artist(s)' sales over the weekend. Each business and the paired artist(s) may decide the details of how they will conduct their transactions before the event.

To read more about the timeline of the Tour weekend, and further requirements to participate as an artist or a business, see the attached forms.

HAT 2013 Artist Application     HAT 2013 Business Application