Beautiful weather is perfect for volunteering

Spring is here, although it sort of feels a bit like summer already, and our office is in full swing for educational and community activities.We have many events coming up for which we need volunteers, and everyone knows volunteering does a body good. Take a look at our list and pick something you love, or something you'd like to learn more about!

Community Outreachfarmer's market

Ruston Farmers Market--assist at the NCLAC booth with a children's art activity

June 1  8am-noon

July 4  8 am-noon


Bead Mosaic Calendar Project--cut, glue, and generally assist with a bead mosaic project

Each Wednesday and Thursday at 3:30, Presbytery of the Pines, 210 North Bonner

This is a community-wide mosaic project, that will ultimately be turned into a calendar that will benefit area nonprofits and schools.

Call Jackie Cochran at the church at 255-6177 if interested



Peach Art Exhibit Check-in--check in art, fill out entry forms, take fees, digitally create tags

June 13 at the Ruston Civic Center. Come meet someone new; two volunteers will work each shift.








Peach Art Exhibit Hanging--move & hang artwork, hammer nails; bring a hammer, nails are provided

June 14 at the Ruston Civic Center. Bring a friend for this gig; four two-person teams are needed.

9am until completed, which is usually around noon.



Peach Art Exhibit Reception--provide refreshments for the Peach Art Exhibit Reception

June 16 at the Ruston Civic Center. Like to cook? You can help us with tasty refreshments for our community reception!

You should bring your food/drinks at 2:30pm sharp, and take leftovers and/or dish home at 4 (unless it’s disposable)       

two providers of:

savory (ex:  cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs)

snack plates (ex:  fruit, cheese, chips/dip)

dessert plates  (ex:  cupcakes, cookies, brownies)

drink item with cups  (ex:  tea, lemonade, punch w/25-50 paper cups)

one provider of:

napkins  (ex:  50-100 small paper napkins)

small plates (ex:  25-50 small paper plates)


Art Education

Summer Arts Camps--assist teachers in a classroom of children making art projects

We've been holding Summer Arts Camps for over 20 years, and they are so much fun! Come see what it's all about--

June 3-7 in Ruston  8:30am-noon, Monday-Friday

July 8-12 in Ruston 8:30am-noon, Monday-FridayOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Are you ready to help?

Give us a call at 255-1450, or an email at, and we'll sign you up!