Award-Winning China Circus Acrobatic Troupe Set to Perform at the Dixie

This week's Art TAlk Monday, by Juliann Allen, local freelance writer who is currently pursuing an MBA at LA Tech Rays of red light stretch from the floor to the ceiling, forming a hazy pattern of strings on the black acrobatsbackdrop. A single spotlight in the darkness bathes a circle on the stage floor below as a performer balances on a thin rectangle of wood. A hollow tube lying on its side serves as the only connection from the wood to the bench below. Clad in vibrant blues and reds, the performer balances on the moving sheet of wood as the tube rolls back and forth. Arms extended to the side and feet widened, like a surfer riding a wave, the performer exudes poise and unwavering focus as she stares ahead. Several objects sit near the edge of the wood in front of her feet, and with a flip of the surface’s edge, the objects fly into the air and land neatly in a gold chalice balancing atop the performer’s head.

Acts such as this will enliven the Dixie Theater in downtown Ruston on Saturday, September 27, at 7:00 p.m. as the China Circus Acrobats, featuring the Anhui Troupe, present an evening of colorful scenes, bold stunts and expressive forms of art through body movement. Their daring feats of acrobatic skill are amazing and the beauty they bring to human performance art is breathtaking. The Anhui Acrobats are known for leading the way in creating new and stunning acrobatic skills and combining elegant dance with playfulness.

Featuring more than 20 Chinese acrobats, the Anhui Troupe will perform classic acts like juggling, hoop diving, tight rope balancing and spinning plates. Chinese acrobatics have awed audiences for centuries, but not until in recent history was this performing art internationally shared as it is today. The ever-growing strength of our global connectivity allows us to experience foreign cultural elements more than ever. End your week on an extraordinary note and come enjoy an evening of unique and enlightening entertainment at the Dixie Theater.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by calling the Dixie Box Office at 318-255-1450.  Season ticket packages are also currently available for purchase. The Dixie Center for the Arts, located at 212 North Vienna Street in Ruston, is a non-profit volunteer-driven organization that works in partnership with North Central Louisiana Arts Council, Ruston Community Theater and Ruston Civic Symphony Society. For more information, visit