Artists at the Dixie Center

Good afternoon, everyone! Intern Jennifer Downs here--I hope you are as excited as I am about Holiday Arts Tour. In less than two days, we invite you to join us in downtown Ruston and select area studio to celebrate our local artists. This week I want to introduce three painters who will be featured at the Dixie Center for the Arts. The Dixie Center will also serve as the information center for the tour. If you are familiar with downtown Ruston, you may have noticed the theatre at the corner of Trenton and Alabama--that's us! The Dixie Center will also serve as an information center for the tour, by the way, so be sure to stop by in order to pick up your brochure and tour map!

Tour artists who will be featured at the Dixie Center include Jessie Mae DownsPeter Hay, and Joni Dollar.

Jessie Mae Downs

My little sister Jessie has been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. She is a traditional artist as well as a digital painter.

Her inspiration comes from artists such as Glenn Ryane, on of the main concept artists for Blizzard Entertainment, and Frank Frazetta, a fantasy artist whose skill with lighting and anatomy were unmatched.

She is fascinated by storyboarding and character design, from fantastical monsters and dragons to heroes and villains. She focuses on the intensity of the subject's eyes to convey emotions that are raw and deeply felt.

Peter Hay

Peter Hay is an MFA Studio candidate at Louisiana Tech University. His work exhibits the surrealist style, using images of everyday objects and situations to illustrate allegory.

As an artist, he says that his goal is to continue to grow as a person and let his artwork reflect this growth.

Peter will feature some of his work from his series "Futile Pursuits." He explains that each piece "utilizes the carefully composed surroundings of the main subject or subjects in order to emphasize isolation, futility or separation from reality." His website can be found here and showcases more of his artwork.

Joni Dollar

Joni Dollar is a graduate student of Fine Art at Louisiana Tech University. She works with multiple medias, including painting and printmaking.

She describes her work as a "visual recording of silent stories and experiences of contemporary life" by using forms of nature in her work  "to convey deterioration and decay" In addition, she explains that she wants show viewers "the isolation and alienation that we sometimes feel in times of extreme uncertainty."

Join us November 15-18 and“Celebrate the Tradition” with local artists and artisans. You can call NCLAC’s offices between 9-2 on Monday-Thursday at (318) 255-1450 for more information. Brochures and tour maps are now available! You can pick your brochure and map up from the Dixie Center for the Arts; feel free to by at any time before or during the tour to get one.

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