Art is Best enjoyed at Sundown

There's something special about sundown. The sky is on fire and unleashes some of the most beautiful colors of the day. It's a short window of beauty that many are too busy to really take advantage of. You can also find a great selection of beers, mixed drinks, and sandwiches. I am of course now talking about Sundown Tavern found in Downtown Ruston. When not being interrupted by the ubiquitous train whistle rolling past, you can find groups of friends mulling over the latest happenings over an Abita Amber and an MJ's burger. Or a turkey melt. Or a burger. It really is a tough call. During the 15th annual Holiday Arts Tour, you'll be able to enjoy the work of two local living legends at Sundown: Emily Ezell and Todd Cloe.

When Emily isn't getting fit or mixing drinks, she is diving into what attracts us as people to pretty colors and figures. It takes some study and meditation, and eventually a release of control, in order to connect with her visual messages. You can find a sort of pop mythology from your childhood when you allow her work to enter and linger in the mind.

Todd Cloe is an Oklahoma native who draws inspiration of his larger sculptures from the pieces of Native American hand tools he would find walking through cotton fields. Cloe got started studying commercial art and realized there was more inside of him than just a steady job. Now, Todd has the steady job his granddad encouraged helping students at Louisiana Tech's School of Art manifest their ideas into working pieces.