Art Talk Monday....The Shadow Box

  This week's Art Talk Monday is written by King Godwin, Chair of the Dept of Visual & Performing Arts, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, at Grambling State University. Call the GSU Box Office at 318-274-ARTS (2787)

Director Dr. King Godwin


Welcome to a “Season of Family Matters”

The Floyd L. Sandle Theatre Company of Grambling State University will open its 76th production year with Michael Cristofer’s The Shadow Box, directed by Dr. King David Godwin, Dean of the College of Arts Sciences.  The production will focus on three distinctly different family groups and their abilities to handle death and dying.  The psychological and emotional complexities of both care giver and victim to be are explored in great detail.   In keeping with the theatrical theme of “Family Matters," this production drives home the revelation of humanity’s sometimes inability to accept the ultimate realism that we are all going to die.  More importantly, it reminds us all that we must live in each moment.  Death is no respecter of personal status, gender, age or person. The characters in the play cut across varied demographic elements.  There is a middle age father and mother who struggle with trying to find the right approach and best time to tell their only child, a teenage boy, that his father is dying. A non-traditional couple and an ex-spouse must reach beyond their personal differences, political, social and religious convictions to accept the inevitable while at the same time dealing with their own demons and sensitivities.  Lastly, there is an elderly mother who lives in yesteryear longing for her eldest daughter to return home, while her younger daughter, who is her caregiver, must strive to keep her comfortable and peaceful.

This production will make you laugh, cry and think.  The script is well written and runs about one hour and thirty minutes.   Characters include, Roman Higgins, Anthonia Hall, Melanie Williams, Franklin, G. KaDarius Gray, Roderick King, Leon Norvell, Ericka Good- Perry, and Jaleshia  Williams.  Set Design is by Joseph Osborn, a senior visual and performing arts major, Technical Consultation and oversight is under the tutelage of Professor Mary Fran Crook, Teshia Lincoln is costumer and make- up artist, Jamelia Hickman, Stage Manager  The production will run September 30-October 3,2014 with curtain time at 7:00 PM, in the Floyd L. Sandle Theatre of the Fine Arts Center.  The production will take place on the main campus of Grambling State University.