Art Talk Monday: Life Infused with the Arts

This week's Art Talk is written by Cathi Cox-Boniol, ACHIEVE Coordinator for Lincoln Parish Schools and a NCLAC board member.

My earliest memory is of music--I’m in front of mom’s standing stereo, hands pressed against the fabric-covered speakers with the rhythm pulsing through my tiny arms.  Music then became my closest companion and prevailing passion while inspiring a most glorious quality of life. 


More importantly, music ultimately provided the rich foundation from which a vibrantly abundant interest in and love of the arts would evolve.  The groundwork for my artistic journey originated at home through the informal setting of artists within my family: a mother who is a classically trained pianist, a father known as a master storyteller and wizard with whittling and sketching, and a brother with incredible abilities in visual design and writing.  Surrounded by these creative talents, the cultural and imaginative fabric of my own life began to emerge and ultimately shaped who I am today.

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with such an organic introduction to the arts.  We have those who aren’t aware of the rich cultural heritage that has defined the great state of Louisiana or the fantastic legacy that the arts hold in our own community.  They may be lacking those memories or experiences that anchor an appreciation of the arts or actually fuel their own artistic journey.  I believe that without that authentic connection to the arts, not only will they fail to realize their own individual potential but our community will ultimately see its way of life diminished.

That’s one of the reasons I am such a passionate advocate for introducing the next generation to the arts along with the critical role the arts play in who we are as a community and state.  And one of the greatest resources we have for attaining this goal is the North Central Louisiana Arts Council.


Even while supporting local artists, NCLAC works diligently to see that our youngest citizens have the rich opportunity to experience the arts.  Whether immersed in art camp, attending a stage production, experiencing the Holiday Arts Tour, viewing a local exhibit, or interacting with artists of every possible background, our students are provided the chance to take that crucial first step and ultimately create that essential memory or experience that can in turn produce the beginnings of their own artistic passion.  Infusing such a passion helps provide a vital link in the ongoing cultural landscape that has shaped this community for decades.      

There can be no doubt that the arts have had an indelible effect on the quality of life we enjoy.  In fact, our way of life wouldn’t be what it is without the arts--it’s true of Louisiana and it’s true of our own community.  NCLAC plays an increasingly significant role in helping sustain that way of life by promoting and protecting the arts in our region.  Yet our success depends on the involvement and support of many, something you can be a part of now through the current membership drive.  In doing so, you ultimately make an investment toward inspiring and shaping our community’s next generation of citizens while sustaining and strengthening our uniquely rich quality of life.

North Central Louisiana Arts Council's Membership Levels:

Student ($15):

  • Receive a Quarterly Membership Newsletter
  • Receive a ($5) Discount on Arts Academy Classes
  • Receive a ($5) Discount on Peach Art Exhibit Entries
  • Receive an Invitation to the Annual Meeting and Holiday Party

Friend ($30):

Receive all the benefits of the Student Level, plus:

  • A ($5) Discount to ARToberfest, VIP or general admission ticket

Family ($50):

Receive all the benefits of the Friend Level, plus:

  • The ($5) Discount on Arts Academy Classes applies to each family member
  • The ($5) Discount on Peach Art Exhibit Entries applies to each family member
  • The ($5) Discount to ARToberfest, VIP or general admission ticket, applies to two (2) adults per a family
  • A free Summer Arts Camp T-shirt with Camp registration, for up to two (2) children per a family

Patron ($100):

Receive all the benefits of the Family Level, plus:

  • An Invitation to the Meet & Greet Holiday Arts Tour Artist Party

Guardian ($250):

Receive all the benefits of the Patron Level, plus:

  • A “Special Reserved Seat” at NCLAC’s table at the Silent Auction and Mardi Gras Ball, with the purchase of a Krewe of Allegro Mardi Gras Ball ticket.

Benefactor ($500):

Receive all the benefits of the Guardian Level, plus:

  • 2 VIP tickets to ARToberfest

Angel ($1000):

Receive all the benefits of the Benefactor Level, plus:

  • One automatic entry into the Keep the Arts Afloat drawing, each year the Membership is current

You may download a membership application from "the box" at the bottom of your screen. Call the NCLAC office at 318.255.1450 for more information.