Art Talk Monday!!

Art Talk Column – Bess Bieluczyk

Since opening in 2007, the Enterprise Center Art Gallery has been dedicated to exhibiting and promoting the abundant artwork of Louisiana Tech faculty, staff and students. The gallery is very excited about the 2011/2012 season because it covers such a wide variety of media and features some fascinating and gifted local artists exhibiting works from sculpture to photography to embroidery.

The first show opening on September 16th, is Fabrications, new sculptural and print work by Michael Williams and Troy Malmstrom. The assistant professors of architecture pair the concepts of “analog” and “digital” in an exciting combination of work by the

two very different artists. Williams primarily tackles the analog side of the show with large, handcrafted pieces constructed in rubber, steel and cast urethane, however, he also includes a nod to less traditional techniques with some large-scale digital prints. In addition to Troy Malmstrom’s digitally focused projects, the show will also feature some of their students’ work because, as Williams says, “the exhibition is not just about us. It is about our way of working and how that is made manifest through our studio pedagogy.”


Frank Hamrick's photography has the reoccurring theme of responding to the natural and manmade environment surrounding him. In his October show he makes a change from his well-known black

and white photographs and treats Ruston to a rare look at his color work.  The exhibition will include photographs that he has made over the past five years but never before exhibited. There will also be a chance to see some of his award-winning handmade books – which feature his black and white photographs- in person.

This December, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of World War II, there will be a show of World War II ephemera from art history professor Saul Zalesch’s carefully cultivated collection. From ration books to colorful magazines for soldiers to instruction manuals for women entering the workforce, his show gives a brief but vivid glimpse people’s everyday lives during that period of history.

With seven new students entering the Master of Fine Arts program this fall, the MFA Student Exhibition in January promises to be a first peek at the work of some of the burgeoning talents in the graduate art program.

The Art From the G.U.T. Juried Exhibition will be held in February. Now entering its third year, the exhibit showcases the brightest stars from three area universities (Grambling, ULM and Tech) Both entries and interest in the show have grown exponentially since it began in 2009 and it is now the gallery’s best-attended event. A local art expert, in the past a curator from the Masur Museum of Art, selects the artwork in the exhibit and awards prizes.

This March Jes Schrom, assistant professor of photography and brilliant craftswoman will show pieces from a number of her different projects. Her intricate embroideries of animal-human hybrids engaged in mundane activities from the series Elaborate Banalities (created in collaboration with Graham Simpson) are at times whimsical, humorous and poignant. She will also display selections from her installation Secrets of Atlanta, which includes anonymously submitted secrets embroidered on silk handkerchiefs and a secret-filled paper towel dispenser.

Finishing out the year with a group of students who are about to begin their careers as professional artists, the BFA Photography Show. The exhibition, opening at the end of April, is the culmination of yearlong projects for the Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography students. Their diverse subjects can range from documentary to installation art.