Art Talk Monday!!

The North Central Louisiana Arts Council (NCLAC) is currently seeking proposals for its fall and winter Academy Arts Classes. “The Academy is a continuing education program that gives community members an opportunity to expand their creative expression or to enhance existing creative skills,” said Jessica Slaughter, NCLAC’s Educational Coordinator. Slaughter said the council is really open-minded and eager to see some fresh ideas. The possibilities are endless. “If you have an interesting niche, something others have encouraged you to share, we want to hear about it,” Slaughter said. NCLAC has been offering Academy Arts Classes since the fall of 2010, and we are eager to expand our offerings and to appeal to a broader spectrum of the community.

Proposals in any artistic genre, from visual arts to drama and music, will be considered. Slaughter said she’d love to see submissions for a mural class, a bookmaking class, or a folk craft class. She would also love to see proposals for classes that encompass all ages and ability levels, even toddlers.

In the past, NCLAC has offered weekend workshops, as well as more extensive classes that span several weeks, so artists are encouraged to propose ideas what will work best for them.

“NCLAC is here to serve both artists and the community. Through the Academy classes, we give artists an opportunity to share their passion with others in a classroom setting,” Slaughter said.

To submit a proposal, artists should contact Slaughter via email at or by phone at 318-255-1450.