Art Talk Monday

A Fool’s Art What is art?  How does one define what is “good” and what is “bad”?  These are questions that have been plaguing art critics, patrons, and artist for years.  In fact the definition is so subjective that when googling a variety of definitions, images, and concepts appear.  Local gallery Art Innovations will explore these themes in their upcoming show, A Fool’s Art, on Sunday, April 1st from 7:00-9:00pm.  According to the facebook event page “this juried competition will make you question beauty, aesthetic, and the basic assumption of art forms”.

When asked about the nature of this particular theme Jackie Cochran, gallery owner, responded “I was inspired by a film called Untitled.”  The film is a comic take on the state of contemporary art.  “I wanted to start a dialogue about what is art?  I wanted to point out that it is perceived differently by different people”.

It’s no coincidence that the date of the show falls on April’s Fools Day.  Cochran said she was hoping the holiday would encourage gallery goers and artists to approach the work with a sense of humor.  She said that along with pondering such a serious topic that viewers would be able laugh about the show in general.

But don’t’ be deceived this show is anything but an informal affair.  Cochran has placed a dress code on this evening out.  The gallery asks that no “blue jeans” be present and that people come prepared for an upscale event.  The Gallery will have heavy hors d'oeuvres and drinks served by a wait staff and will have a bouncer with strict instruction to “bounce” anyone not dressed appropriately.  Art Innovations will also be hosting a musical presentation during the hours of the exhibit.

Artist in addition to an exhibiting their work will be eligible for first, second, or third place prizes.  But the prizes don’t stop at the artistic, patrons will be able to vive for the best dressed awards given in both female and male categories.  However, all participants must be present to win.

The Gallery is currently seeking participants for this innovative and thought provoking show.  Interested artists should bring their work on Saturday, March 17th from 1:00pm-7:00pm to Art Innovations Gallery (112 W. Alabama).  The work should be framed and wired for hanging. All artists will be notified Wednesday, March 21st regarding juror’s decision.  All work not selected must be picked up Saturday, March 24th from 1:00pm-7:00pm.

For more information about Art Innovations and their upcoming show you can visit them on facebook at or call Jackie Cochran at 318-237-2653.