Art Ed Wednesday: Spray Bottle Fun

Art Ed Wednesday is a feature by Rachel Johnston, an early childhood art educator from Quitman.

Hi everyone! I’m back with a fun summer art idea for kids.

You will need:

Old white sheet

Washable paint

Spray bottles



Put a small amount of paint in each spray bottle and dilute with water. Hang sheet on a fence outside and let kids spray it with the paint. Have them experiment by standing close to the sheet and further away, and by spraying one color over another to make cool patterns and color combinations. To repeat this project throughout the summer, wash the sheet and use it again. Or, you can fill bottles with fabric paint instead, and then use the painted fabric in future art projects! For a very adventurous art session, you could even fill water balloons with the paint/water solution and throw them at the sheet.

After children are finished painting, plan some water play time for them to easily clean them off.