Art Ed Wednesday: Cultivating Art Appreciation

Art Ed Wednesday is written each week by Rachel Johnston, a fiber artist and early childhood art educator in Lincoln Parish. DSC05212

Hello everyone! This week I’ve been thinking about nurturing art appreciation in young children. Especially if you have (orwork with) children who love to create their own art, it is fitting to cultivate this appreciation within them. This week I took my friend’s daughters to Come & See: An MFA Show at Louisiana Tech’s Enterprise Center Gallery. (If you haven’t stopped by to see it, I would encourage you to as it is a great collection of work.)


The kids loved looking at the artwork, and both had opinions on which pieces were their favorites. We looked at each piece that was displayed, and talked about many of them. While looking a piece, I would ask the girls what they thought of it, and what they thought the artist was trying to communicate through it. The 4 year was moved nearly to tears by one piece, she loved it so much. Both kids wanted to paint after leaving the gallery; seeing the work inspired them. One of them asked if she could have her art displayed in a show someday. Seeing the show caused these very young children to dream big dreams. If they can hang on to those dreams, I don’t doubt that one day we will see their work displayed in a gallery. If your kids are interested in art, take them to shows. Give them opportunities to see what is possible in their futures if they don’t put the paintbrushes down. I believe that these kids are artists right now. But will they still be artists in 20 years?  Help them keep their dreams alive.