Art Ed Wednesday: Candle Holders

Art Ed Wednesday is written each week by Rachel Johnston, a regional fiber artists and early childhood art educator.  I love this idea for lighting up these nice spring evenings... Have a candlelit dinner outside!mason jars

Today I have a simple idea for making cute jar candleholders.

This is a fun and easy project for kids 3 and up.


You will need:

Small glass jar (mason jelly jars work great)

Tissue paper torn into small pieces

White school glue



Dilute glue with water. A 50/50 mixture works well. Use paintbrush to apply glue to the jar, and stick tissue paper to it. Brush more glue on top of tissue paper. Repeat until jar is covered, and allow to dry. Once dry, the jar can be used as a candleholder, but be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets! These jars are also great for storing pens, and pencils, or whatever small treasure your child wants to keep in it.


This is another project where recycled materials can be used, as well. Jars used for pickles, jams, etc. can be cleaned and reused. And instead of tissue paper, you can have children cut pictures from magazines for collage jars!