A N(ick)LAC Post - Farmers Market

Today begins a new series of weekly posts by one of our summer interns, Nick Davis. Nick is working for us doing community research, so that we may better serve the needs of our region.  necklaces with Laura and Bonnie

Last Saturday, NCLAC was proud to have been present at Ruston's Farmers Market along with the numerous other vendors who came out to provide the community with their local produce. We volunteered at the station to give the kids present a little distraction with our arts and crafts. They created fish with paper plates, cherry blossom trees on construction paper and fish bowls with fish of their own hand prints.

However, the day was not necessarily a breeze as, early on, there weren't many people present due to the potential of rain. But as the day grew brighter and more people arrived, parents brought their kids and some kids dragged their parents over to the station to create something of their own.

It was more than apparent that the kids were enjoying themselves, whether they were focusing intensely on painting a red fish stripe or smiling joyfully as they dappled blossoms on their trees. This is the goal of NCLAC. We want to help build a culture and appreciation for the arts and it starts by reaching out to the surrounding areas and giving everyone a chance to be creative. Together, we can help establish a stronger presence of the arts in our communities.

making with Nick

NCLAC will again be present at the Farmers Market this upcoming Saturday. We invite you to come out and support the local vendors and their produce. And while you're there, come over and have some fun with art at our station.

Thanks so much to Laura Maggio, who donated her time and skills for three weeks at the NCLAC tent while Hillary Clary was away. Wonderful work, Laura! Thanks also to our other kids' tent volunteers: Marguerite Hogue, Bonnie Ferguson, Ariel Bzdil, and Martha Hartwell. Volunteerism is the Tony's for life! (tony chachere's that is....it makes everything better!)