A N(ick)LAC Post - Claiborne Jubilee

Another week has passed, my second as an intern with NCLAC, and I've begun to slowly become accustomed to things. I returned to the office Monday to help with the newsletters we're getting ready to mail to our members, and while I was there I realized that that was around my fifth time inside the Dixie. I have lived in Ruston my entire life, have passed by the building countless times, but rarely have I actually been inside and seen the art display in the front, the stage and the seats. It was only just reopened in the late 90s, but still, I think I've done a disservice to myself by not coming here more often. It really is a beautiful place. Also, I began reaching out to other parishes as part of NCLAC's community outreach to see if we could help in any way. I reached out to Ms. Cynthia Steele, a nice lady who helps run the Claiborne Jubilee, an annual arts and crafts event in Claiborne Parish where they celebrate the art and artists of their parish. I could tell she was very enthusiastic about art, and she loved speaking with me about NCLAC, who is just as passionate as she is about helping bring art to the community. Currently she has been trying to set up a few classes with their local Boys and Girls Club, one of the classes featuring sewing and woodworking, as well as a program where the participants take “useless” items such as aluminum foil and transform them into art.

Claiborne Jubilee

Learning that Ms. Steele does this for her community is enlightening because there are probably more people who do the same for their community. With that in mind combined with the summer usually being pretty eventful, there is a lot to look forward to.