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One of my newest, favorite hobbies now is scouring the website Pinterest.com looking for anything and everything. I’m talking decorating ideas, crafts projects to work on, food recipes, outfit ideas, or and even just for the humor. Pinterest.com is a website that allows users to post pictures of anything and everything that they like…keeping it clean of course. Users be warned, once you start visiting Pinterest, hours will fly by and addiction to the website will be your inevitable fate.  Recently, I’ve noticed a trend on the website and soon caught on. That’s why this week I wanted to bring the many ideas of decorating your door onto the NCLAC blog. Some ideas are holiday themed or seasonal. All of them look great though. Every time I see my house now, all I can think about are the many things I could make to liven up our front door. I love pretty wreaths!

Going back to the Halloween theme from last week’s blog. This spider web frame is cute and would be good as a subtle decoration in my opinion.  I think you could hang it outside or inside. I think they also look much better than the mossy spider webs that people buy in packages. The only materials needed are some yarn, tape, and you can re-purpose a frame. See the tutorial for this piece and other spider web decorations here http://www.dana-made-it.com/2011/10/tutorial-10-min-yarn-spider-web.html.

Another idea of something to make with a frame…They made felt flowers and simply glued them around the edge of the frame.  I love their white washed frame and the colors they used for the flowers. You can see their step by step process at http://deliacreates.blogspot.com/2011/03/scrappy-flower-spring-wreath.html. They also provide some tutorials for how to make those great felt flowers. You could put those one anything. I noticed many felt flowers, both big and small, on headbands and decorative pillows.

The makers of this wreath wrote that this wreath would look great throughout the Winter. I couldn’t agree more. The neutral colors work perfectly but the entire wreath still pops! The sparkle from the snowflake ornaments help a little bit with that too. The makers used a lot of hot glue, Christmas ornaments, burlap to cover their wreath frame, yarn, and jute. This project may take some time to wrap all of the ornaments in yarn but the finished product is worth it. Once your round ornaments, and wreath frame are wrapped, simply hot glue them down where you want them. You can even add some elements of nature the way they did. See the process step by step at http://twojunkchix.blogspot.com/2011/01/snowball-wreath.html.

This next decorative project is very inexpensive and easy. You can use foam tubing for the frame of the wreath, which you can find for under a dollar at Lowes. Cut the tubing to the size of the wreath that you want. Use a hot glue gun to attach coffee filters at their base to the foam tubing. I like that they used pretty ribbon at the top of the wreath. It makes it look much more formal. See where they hung theirs here http://www.thepennyparlor.com/2010/09/coffee-filter-wreath.html.

For this project, you can use the same type of foam tubing as the coffee filter wreath. Wrap the tubing in yarn and glue your handmade felt flowers on your wreath. I love the colors in this one but any colors would look great on a cream colored wreath. You can see more pictures at http://lydiascozycorner.com/2011/07/15/felt-yarn-wreaths/.

Here are a couple more tutorials on making other types of felt flowers:



If you’ve tried any DIY projects at your home, send your photos to us at nclac5@gmail.com. Tell us all about your project!

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Ideas found on Pinterest

Tutorials and photos found on websites given.

Wreath tutorial and felt flower sources: http://thirtyhandmadedays.com/2011/03/yarn-wreath-tutorial-from-angel-face-designs/