A Creative Mind by Hannah Greer

For my last blog post, I decided to throw out all ideas of a theme and simply post about a lot of ideas that have caught my eye lately. I would love to re-create all of these! Everyone has those random things that we are unnaturally drawn to. I, for instance, love the look of cupcakes and teapots. I am not by any means a “girlie-girl” but I love how some items can be so simple and yet so beautifully ornate. Now, how many times can you have cupcakes and teapots just sitting around as decoration in your house? Not very often. In this post, learn how to incorporate and re-purpose many pieces into something completely new that will leave you proud, and your guests envious.

Make a Teapot Lamp


How Alice in Wonderland is this? Granted the movie is a little weird, but what better way is there to incorporate that wonderful whimsical feel into your home. This way, rather than having unused teapots sit around taking us space or being tucked away in your kitchen cabinets, make them into something that is useful and always enjoyable! The process is a little long and complicated, but depending on the types of dishes that you get to go with your teapot pieces, there are a number of ways to stack your lamp together. To see all of the directions with pictures, go to http://vintagerevivals.blogspot.com/2010/10/crafting-with-starswinning-tutorial.html.

Make a Tray Table out of a Frame


I love how this tray has a cozy, country feel to it. If you have one of those huge foot stools in your living room instead of a table, you might appreciate how beneficial this tray could be! And if you have trouble keeping a table organized, this also might be just the thing your need. Not only does this look very easy to make, it also looks great in a living room. To see the step by step instructions, go to http://lemontreecreations.blogspot.com/2010/04/frame-tray.html.

Use an Old Window as a Picture Frame


If you don’t already have one of these antique windows, they can be found almost anywhere. If you can’t find an old one, new ones will do just as well, and with some sandpaper, you can distress the window until it looks vintage. I think that look is important in accomplishing this look. This window will be perfect for displaying a good amount of photos but not taking up and entire wall. The plus? You can hang it vertically or horizontally!

Personalize a Plate


This plate was originally covered in a pattern, but was spray-painted and then personalized with modge podge and a napkin decoration! This is amazing to me, and of course I was drawn to it because I never see anything with H’s on them. I love the intricate decoration. These would be great gifts after a party. You could make everyone there own plate to use. You can’t even tell that this plate was once completely different. To see more on how this plate was made, you can go to http://www.320sycamoreblog.com/2009/04/monogram-plate.html.

Make a Mason Jar Oil Lamp


If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor or event lighting or event, look no further. If you want a romantic vibe, that is. You’ll need to a mason jar with a lid, lamp oil, and a cotton wick. After letting it sit for a little while, you’re oil lamp will be ready for lighting. To see some directions on how much oil you should use, how to position the wick, and also how to re-purpose a canteen, go to http://raisedincotton.typepad.com/raised_in_cotton/2009/06/repurposed-vintage-canteens-and-mason-jar-ideas.html.

 Make Your Own Cupcake Pin Cushion


With some fleece, stuffing and a ramekin, you can make your own pin cushion for all of your future sewing endeavors. For some help when making your cupcake, go to http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2011/01/cupcake-pin-cushions/.

For the past few months, I have enjoyed writing this blog for everyone so much. It has opened my eyes to how easy craft projects can be, and has inspired me to always look for ways to put personal touches back into my home. A big thank you to NCLAC for allowing me to create this blog and introduce it to everyone. We all get extremely busy, but we should never sacrifice the joy that we can receive by allowing ourselves to have A Creative Mind.

 Happy crafting everyone!

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