A Creative Mind by Hannah Greer

A Creative Mind is an ongoing post by NCLAC's fall intern Hannah Greer.  A week ago, I got to experience the exciting and exhausting task of moving in to a rental home with two friends. We were crowded, stressed, and completely thrilled! Over the weekend I spent Saturday helping one of my roommates figure out exactly what and where to hang her FOUR boxes of frames and wall decorations around the house. And when I say wall decorations, I mean more frames. It’s easy to say that she has an addiction…to thrift store finds. I was amazed at how many cute things she had, including vintage picture frames, clocks, and candlestick holders; all ranging from about seventy-five cents to ten dollars at most. We hung up, took down, and re-centered the wall art for most of the afternoon and it got me thinking about how difficult it is for some people to decorate their homes. Being a college student means having to work with hand me down furniture and limited funds but with the right pieces and ideas, anyone, even a college student, can have a comfortable and creatively designed place to come home to, all for only a few dollars.

One of the things that many college students often live without is a bed frame. About two-thirds of people that I know have had to do this, myself included. When you’re moving from one place to the next every year, no one wants to have to carry the extra weight of a frame when a mattress and box springs will do just fine right?The  headboard on your bed however, can add a lot of character to your room. It may offer a way to tie the room together or even provide some extra storage space depending on what you use. Here are two inexpensive and easy headboard ideas that I love.

Create a Headboard With a Curtain Panel

Above your bed, center and hang a curtain rod on which to hang your curtain panel. On your curtain panel, use fabric markers of different thickness or even colors to write your favorite quotes, poems, or lyrics. You can even have friends and family write something meaningful on the panel.

Create a Headboard Using Photo Frames

Like my roommate, you can find inexpensive frames at thrift stores, garage sales, or even craft stores. Choose a fabric that will match your rooms design. Remove the glass from the frames and cut batting the same size as the frame back. Cut your fabric to size, adding 3 inches on each side. Lay the batting on the frame back and cover it with the fabric, wrapping the excess over the back. Pull taut and fasten it down with duct tape. Insert the back into the frame. Depending on the size of your bed, place two or tree of the frames side by side along the back of your bed.

Something that my roommates and I struggled with was finding other ways to decorate the blank walls in our living room. This next idea was one that I think is great for everyone, especially college students.

Turn Your Old CD Cases into Frames

Unless you’ve already purged them for the sake of de-cluttering, everyone has those old CD cases tucked away somewhere that we used to love but no longer have any use for.  These clear CD cases are the perfect size to create a pattern on a spare wall in your home, whether it’s over a desk or an entry-way table. Discard the plastic inserts in the cases and find a collection of photos that you’ll want to use. It can be landscape photos, or even a series of patterns. Scan or crop your images to the size of a CD case (5 3/8 in. wide by 4 5/8 in. high) then print on good photopaper and trim. Standard cases will work much better than slim cases. Back each photo with cardboard or foam board and snap the cases shut. Attach them to the wall using Velcro squares that will stick to the wall.

Another simple idea to fill a big empty wall space or even make a work area more creative is to hang your empty frames in an organized cluster. If you love vintage furniture as much as I do, you’ll love searching for your pieces and the finished product in this project.

Create Frame Art

Again, you can find frames at thrift shops, garage sales, or maybe online. If you see a great piece out at the curb don’t be afraid to pick it up, clean it off, and make it part of your collection. Another great way to create a vintage feel is to use a combination if different colored frames. This will also help brighten up the area and make it more interesting for others to look at. Framed mirrors may add more intrigue, or you can fill your frames with fabric to add more patterns to the space. Use frames that are different sizes and textures to make the space unique. Above all, make the space represent you and your taste.

“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.”-G.K. Chesterton. - Writer

If you or anyone you know have done any of these or past project ideas we’d love to see them! Submit photos of your finished project to hgreer20@yahoo.com or nclac5@gmail.com and tell us what you thought!


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