A Creative Mind by Hannah Greer

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is now looking forward to the New Year! Whether you like to go to parties or stay in with the family, the New Year is something that everyone can look forward to. I have to admit that there’s still something magical about the celebration. Who knows what will happen! If you are throwing a party or even just want to decorate your house to bring the New Year spirit alive, here are some ideas of things to make, decorate with, and eat to make the end of the year special.

 Make your Mantle the Centerpiece

If there’s anything I’ve learned from working on this blog, it’s that decorating your mantle can transform the room, and make your house and the party your hosting much more festive. A lot of people struggle with decorating their mantles when it comes to combining different heights and sizes of your items. Sometimes, the simplest decorations are just enough, and are still beautiful. Multiple clocks of different designs are perfect for ringing in the New Year. This decorating idea is unique and people won’t be able to stop checking the clocks to see what time it is!

Decorate with Hanging Ornaments

With some pretty ribbon you can hang some ornaments, some with glitter to add a sparkle, and some without, over your table, or anywhere else that they may fit in your house. New Year’s is nothing if not covered in sparkles and shine.


 I think one of my new favorite types of dessert is cupcakes. It seems like now you can find them at almost any party or event. Not to mention that decorating them has become an art on reality television. This would be easy for people to hold standing up and they’re easy to decorate. Here are two of my favorites.


These simple cupcakes are still elegant and pretty. Make the cupcake wrappers the most interesting part and add some clear sprinkles on top for some sparkle. You can buy these wrappers at http://www.dressmycupcake.com/shop/28-shop-by-holiday/129-new-years-cupcake-wrappers.html.

It only takes a few easy steps to make these “ball-drop cupcakes!” These are perfect for the New Year. Not everyone can be in New York for New Years in Times Square, but we can all have a little bit of New York in our homes. To see how to make these cupcakes go to, http://www.confessionsofacookbookqueen.com/2010/12/new-years-eve-ball-drop-cupcakes/.

 For the Kids…or Maybe for You :)


I remember confetti eggs from carnivals and celebrations but I hadn’t even thought about them in years! The kids will love these. At the countdown, set them loose with a hand full of eggs. If you’re worried about the mess, let them go outside. They are worth it, and it would make for some great pictures. To learn how to make them, go to http://radmegan.blogspot.com/2010/12/making-confetti-eggs-for-new-years.html.

Resolution Bracelet


Whether you buy one, make one for yourself, or offer up the supplies for the guests at your party to make one, these are a great idea. What better way to make yourself remember the promise you made to yourself at the beginning of the year. It can’t hurt, right? If you’re worried about it always standing out or clashing with your clothes, make it simple!

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