A Creative Mind by Hannah Greer

Hi all! As an art lover, I am fond of all things unique. Working on a creative project can open a mind, act as a source of therapy, and brighten even the dullest spaces. “A Creative Mind” is a blog for those who love being creative and artistic but are stumped when it comes to deciding what they want to work on. For this blog I scoured the Internet, magazine articles, and my own experiences for artistic projects and ideas for kids, adults, and families. These may include decorating your home and yard, gift and event ideas, or sometimes ideas that will simply help you pass the time while being spontaneous and creative. Readers will also get information about local businesses and events that they can visit in order to be surrounded by the trifecta: great food, great music, and of course, great art. Like NCLAC, this blog is meant to help enrich lives with artistic expression and create a culturally exciting community. In celebration of the changing weather I wanted to share some ideas for fun and creative projects involving the outdoors. These projects can be a good source of entertainment for kids, or a fun way to spend your time and decorate your yard.

Make A Nature Collage

Things you’ll need:

Poster board or Cardboard

A camera to take pictures and your printed photos

Flowers, leaves, twigs


Go on a walk and take pictures of the trees and flowers around you. You can give your collage a theme such as “Beach,” “Autumn,” or “Spring.” Or use the name of the town that you are in as the name of your collage. Get into photographer mode and look at things from different angles. Having pictures from different angles will make your collage much more visually interesting, and you’ll be surprised how differently things look when you lay on the ground as opposed to staring straight down at it. If possible, take pictures in black and white and in color. Later you’ll be able to choose which is your favorite. While a picture in color may be beautiful, it can take on a different meaning in black and white. While you’re on your walk pick up leaves, twigs, and even flowers. You can flatten your flowers and leaves once you get home to get the pressed look on your collage.

These pictures show how a different angle on your photograph of flowers can change the picture entirely.

Build a Bird feeder

Things you’ll need:

Plastic ½ gallon milk container

Wire coat hanger


Sphagnum moss

Popsicle stick or small dowel


After washing out the container with hot soapy water, let it dry. On the opposite side of the handle about halfway down, cut a hole in the container at least 2 inches wide. Half an inch below the hole, poke the popsicle stick or small dowel in to the container. This is the bird’s perch. Put the newspaper flat and spread the sphagnum moss at the bottom of the container. Birds like dryer lint too. Untwist the coat hanger and wire it around the handle of the container. Twist the hanger around a tree limb not too close to the trunk and tight enough so that it does not sway in the wind. Put bird seed in the feeder and wait for them to move in.

Make a Plant Person

Things you’ll need:

Pot with drainage hole

Potting soil

Hairlike plant such as Mexican feather grass or Carex

Outdoor craft glue

Paintbrushes, scissors

Craft supplies (glass stones, buttons, small polished rocks, tempura paint, permanent markers, twine, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, wine corks, colored felt, tiny shells, etc.)

This is a very easy project with few instructions. Sketch Ideas for your planters face on your pot to decide which one you like the most. After preparing your planter with potting soil and planting your Plant Persons “hair,” begin to glue on your craft supplies to fit the face style you chose, including it’s eyes, mouth and nose. You can even give your plant person glasses and ears if you choose, or perhaps a bow tie. Let your imagination wander. Tend to your planter person and watch it’s hair grow!

“Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.“ – Louise Nevelson- Sculptor


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