Featured Artist: Dr. Gregory Lyons

Hey y’all, Bailee Golden here again with a new artist interview! This month, I talked with Dr. Gregory Lyons, Associate Professor of Music (Percussion), Head of Instrumental Education, and Assistant Director of Bands at Louisiana Tech University. 

1.      When did you first realize you were interested in percussion?

I first became interested in percussion around age 11.

2.      What first brought you to Ruston?

I came to Ruston in 2009 to work at Louisiana Tech University

3.      Do you find any musical inspiration from your community?

I do find musical inspiration in my community. It’s critical to stay open to all kinds of sounds, in

order to better communicate as a musician.

4.      What would you like people to know about New Music on the Bayou?

New Music on the Bayou is a summer festival that I co-founded in 2016. Its mission is 1. to produce professional performances of works by contemporary composers; 2. to give modern music a voice; and 3. to inspire communities with fresh ideas about the performing arts. Six concerts take place at unique venues throughout Ruston and Monroe. The fourth iteration of the festival will occur on June 6-8, 2019. More information can be found at newmusiconthebayou.com .

5.      Is there anything you want people to know about the music department at Louisiana Tech?

Music at Louisiana Tech University is undergoing a renaissance. New facilities, faculty, and programs are fast approaching thanks to university leadership and the support of loyal donors. Just this month, a founding director was hired in order to spearhead these new developments. I am grateful to work alongside my first-rate colleagues here.