Executive Director Jessica Slaughter bids farewell to NCLAC


I’m writing today to share the news that I will be leaving NCLAC as Executive Director at the end of the month. I have accepted a position at Century Next Bank as Community & Employee Engagement Coordinator.

NCLAC’s Board of Directors is beginning the process of seeking a new Executive Director. The job description is available here, and they’ll begin interviews in May.

My time here began 8 years ago, and it has truly been wonderful. My children know no other job in my life; they’re as comfortable in the Dixie Center basement surrounded by NCLAC’s art supplies and RCT’s costumes as they are in their bedrooms. This position has opened up Lincoln Parish and its residents to me in a way I couldn’t have experienced otherwise.

I have met and worked with artists in varying stages of their careers. From encouraging people with their first juried show submissions, to celebrating solo exhibitions and retirements, we have many talented people here who work passionately to create music, visual art, theatre, writing, and so much more.

I have gotten to know donors who believe in the importance of supporting nonprofit arts work – who want to enrich our community, who want to build our future, and who want to give back to this place they love.


I have been moved by volunteers who donate time and energy simply because they want to help. This includes people who volunteer to help students with programs like art camp and our Ruston Farmers Market table, as well as people who meet and work eight months each year to plan ARToberfest. Volunteerism is a living part of this place we all call home.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with business owners, city officials, and our parish tourism team, who have shown me so much about collaboration and communication. I’ve learned similar lessons from other nonprofits in our area, and I am happy to have viewed them as partners rather than as competitors.


Of course through these years I’ve come to build relationships with board members who fit into many of these other categories, but go a step further by dedicating years of their lives to help this organization thrive. I am so grateful for their leadership, passion, and friendship.

These years with NCLAC have shown me there is much to be proud of in our charming community, and there are many people who are dedicated to making it a great place to live. I’ve seen so much cultural growth and am excited for what is yet to come. I’m still passionate about the power of the arts in a community, and I still hope to see you at art events around town.

-Jessica Slaughter