ART Around Town: Three Painting Workshop Opportunities

ART Around Town: Three Painting Workshop Opportunities 

NCLAC member artist Donna McGee is offering three painting workshops. Check out the details below. Each requires pre-registration, and the October workshop is a destination class so read the sign-up requirements carefully. For more information contact Donna at

September 8, 2018        
Mixing the Colors of Nature for Oil and Acrylic

September 29, 2018       
Mixing the Colors of Nature for Watercolor


9:00 AM – 4:00PM (1 hour lunch) Bag Lunch Suggested  
Gallery 210, 210 Alabama Street, Ruston
Registration Fee: $85.00
Donna will share information to help students develop a personalized color language without relying heavily on “tube” color.   The workshop will target methods of developing a wide range of colors and values in oil and acrylic using 6 primary colors plus white. Donna will share her palette set-up and color mixing system as well as methods for creating the colors found in nature.  Additionally, she will share methods for learning to “see” color when observing subjects in natural light. Topics include creating the colors of nature, understanding color temperature and value relationships, and mixing dark colors successfully. Participants will gain experience with creating colors that add richness and depth to their work.


October 19, 20, 21, 2018 at Linden Plantation
Fall Painting Workshop en Plein Air

Join us for the 3rd in our four-part en plein air painting series with Donna F. McGee. This unique workshop includes painting from a canopied barge, while anchored among the Cypress trees on Lake Washington. Participants will enjoy accommodations in an old-fashioned Plantation setting with gourmet meals on fine china, luxurious antique furnishings, and beautiful sunsets over the cypress banks of the lake, along with plenty of delta hospitality. Donna will share her approach to painting en plein air in oil and acrylics, as well as her palette set-up, color mixing system, and compositional skills. Topics include mixing the colors of nature, drawing with shapes and values,
understanding color temperature, and seeing value relationships. While some basic painting experience is preferred, anyone interested in painting and willing to try the techniques introduced in the workshop will benefit.

For more information and a materials list, e-mail Donna at (Be sure to include the medium you will be using).Cost:
$700.00 + tax (Includes room TH – SA nights and meals).  Limit 10 persons. 
Registration Deadline October 1, 2018.

To register call 662.822.2031 or send check to:
Linden Plantation
P. O. Box 227
Glen Allen, MS 38744
For more information:
For materials list:
Pictures of Linden Plantation:

Only 10 participants; this workshop will fill fast!

See Donna’s work here:, or