The members have spoken

As NCLAC looks to the future, we are confident in the impact the arts have on the culture and wellbeing of Ruston. This time of year, we like to take the opportunity to share stories of why you, a recurring or future member, should support all of the arts-related happenings that we offer around town. If you had a child enjoy our hands-on outreach tables or summer arts camps, we ask that you become a member. If you have enjoyed watching people paint in one of our art crawls or hearing live music at ARToberfest, please become a member. If you enjoy watching independent films in the Dixie Theater and talking to up-and-coming filmmakers about their process, come to our films for free with a membership. If you feel the Holliday Arts event adds value to historic downtown Ruston and would like to see it continue, would you support us through a membership? If you appreciate the amazing artwork that fills City Hall each June during Peach Art Exhibit, please join us as a member. If you feel that your quality of life is made better by cultural opportunities, and Ruston’s economy is strengthened by cultural events, will you please help us continue our work by becoming a member?

NCLAC memberships begin at $15 for students, and continue through a number of levels with varying “perks” such as discounts on tickets and special invitations. Our $30 “Friend”, $50 “Family”, and $100 “Contributor” levels are our most popular. We appreciate our members so much, and carefully steward our money as we work hard toward our mission of nurturing the arts in this region.

(Check out our membership benefits and become a member easily online today!)

We appreciate the members of NCLAC that go above and beyond monetary donations by volunteering at events, helping create graphics for our website, taking pictures of our programs, and serving as board members. NCLAC could not run without all of the people that roll up their sleeves, come to meetings, make the hard phone calls, write the long emails, and help us get things done.

The talk is around town of how NCLAC has touched member’s lives and why they continue to support. If you’re not convinced, take it from them: 

 “It’s great having such an active arts council in Ruston, serving the area. They provide opportunities for artists to showcase their art and opportunities for the community to discover artists in the area. Art has become an integral part of Ruston” Henry McCoy, downtown Ruston business owner and photographer, Fine Line Art Supply

I like that NCLAC is active in finding opportunities to support and promote local artists.  NCLAC provides outlets for creative work.  Our volunteers lead, encourage, and praise those that attend art camps, etc.  Encouragement is so critical, especially at a young age.  I believe that perception becomes your reality – if we can help young artists in our area see that they are unique and have a gift to share with the world, they will be more likely to do so.  Infinite good can come from encouragement and support. Timothy Everett, local branch Manager, Origin Bank

“NCLAC is the crown jewel of our community. I love the variety of programs the offer Ruston and the support they provide for artists and musicians.” Dr. Tara Haskins, Nurse educator and Medical Consultant, LA Tech

Pictured from Left to Right: Cara Beth Buie, Peter Jones, and Cathi Cox- Bonoil at the NCLAC annual membership meeting in January of 2019.

Pictured from Left to Right: Cara Beth Buie, Peter Jones, and Cathi Cox- Bonoil at the NCLAC annual membership meeting in January of 2019.

 “I love NCLAC because it allows me to be a thread in the fabric of the wonderful cultural renaissance taking place in our community.  Although I’m not a working artist (nor do possess those unique superpowers), through its membership, NCLAC offers me a seat at the table.  I’m able to help expand and enhance artistic offerings throughout the community, implement enriched arts education both formally and informally, and simply enjoy the bounty of fine arts through NCLAC’s collaborative efforts.  Through my involvement with NCLAC, I find immense satisfaction in knowing that while I may be helping plant the seeds of a diverse array of art, music, and literature experiences for today, the greatest gift is its impact on this community’s future.  I love NCLAC because through my work within it, I believe I will leave this world a little better than I found it. Cathi Cox-Boniol ACHIEVE Coordinator, Lincoln Parish Schools

“As a founding member and first president of NCLAC, I feel both obliged and thrilled to continue to support the organization I helped start 30 years ago. I give because we provide a variety of arts activities for diverse audiences” Dr. Susan Roach, Director and professor of the School of Literature and Language, LA Tech

We encourage you help make a difference and become a member of NCLAC today.