ART Around Town: Annual Members' Meeting and Holiday Party Recap

We are so pleased with the attendance at our Annual Members’ Meeting and Holiday Party that was held on Tuesday, January 8. With about 70 members and guests present, we enjoyed the company of our fellow arts supporters in the lovely Ruston Artisans’ Venue. Thanks to Judi Null and Todd Maggio for allowing us to hold our meeting in their event space. 


The evening’s agenda included business, such as the ratification of our by-law revisions and the election of new board members. We are happy to elect onto our board of directors Mike Leblanc, Carolyn Collier, DeVaria Hudson, Natorshau Davis, and Erika McFarland. We are certain their participation and service will be beneficial to our board, and therefore to our cultural community. 


Our Treasurer, Tim Everett of Origin Bank, delivered an annual financial report, and I offered a staff report that reflected upon the year and it’s programs, fundraisers and special events. I was also happy to present and thank the interns who helped us in 2018: Michael Miller, Skylar Vickery, Abi Watson, Brittany Alford, Mary Tyler Storms, and Bailee Golden. 


A highlight of the evening was the annual presentation of the President’s Awards, given by Board President Peter Jones. The 2018 winners are: First National Bank-Corporate Sponsor of the Year, presented to Clay Hipp, “for their unwavering dedication to the arts in Ruston”; Catherine McVea-Patron of the Year, “for her long and steadfast support of all the arts”; Michael Williams- Volunteer of the Year, received by his wife Tara Haskins, “for his dedication to and hard work on the film committee”; Main St. Exchange-Arts Business of the Year, presented to Jane Watts, “for setting a high standard for the evolution of Ruston’s cultural district”; Cathi Cox-Boniol-Board Member of the Year, “for her hard work and her indispensable contributions to the Board”; and Bruce Gay-Artist of the Year, “for his wonderful contributions to the music of North Louisiana.”


The talented Katelyn Fajardo was our musical guest, and our delicious dinner was from Ponchatoula’s. We appreciate our members, and enjoy this annual event where together we take a look back at the year and also look forward to the future.

- Jessica Slaughter, NCLAC Executive Director