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Volunteering & Committees

We love our volunteers! From Art Camp to the Farmer’s Market, there are so many opportunities to become involved with NCLAC. We depend on our community and our students to fill these volunteer positions.  If you would like to volunteer with NCLAC, please fill out this fill and let us know what area you are interested in serving!

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NCLAC’s Committees are comprised of Board Members and volunteers that work year-round to find the resources for and plan NCLAC’s events and programs. Each Committee has its own goals, works with NCLAC’s staff to meet them, and reports to the Board of Directors concerning their Committees’ success and failures. Committees are a great place for volunteers who want to get more involved, whether at the planning and management level, or to just be on hand to actively help carry out the tasks needed to make each event or program a success. If you would like to volunteer for a Committee, contact us

Go A Step Beyond…

As well as volunteer positions, NCLAC also has several committees you can serve on! Help make decisions that will impact the future for ARTS!

Fundraising Committees

Corporate Fundraising. This Committee provides a clear and concise face to our large-scale fundraising efforts by meeting early in the year to assess and solicit potential corporate sponsors for all our events and programming for the year. Knowledge of local businesses, owners, as well as a willingness to make personal connections with sponsors, is a must for this Committee.

Grantwriting. This committee meets regularly to aid staff with NCLAC’s grants year-round. It helps research new possible grant funding resources, write grants or find interns to work on grants, and proof read grants. Ideally this is light steady work year-round. Grants are sought to support both individual programming, and operational funds.

Education Committees

Summer Arts Camp (SAC). This Committee begins meeting early in the year to secure camp locations and supplies, work with NCLAC staff to recruit teachers, coordinators, volunteers, to plan the camp dates, and disseminate camp flyers and registration forms to schools and other interested groups around the region. Committee work is normally done by August.

Parish Outreach Programs: My Vision, My Voice & Drama Warehouse. Each of these programs is held when funding is available, rotate through our out-lying parishes (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson, and Union), and target junior high and high school students.  This Committee meets as needed to aid NCLAC staff in selecting a community partner (a group that already works with the youth target group and will bring the youth to the workshop), in securing workshop venues and supplies, recruiting teachers and volunteers, and planning workshop dates.

Exhibition Committees

Galleries. This Committee focuses on the rotating shows at NCLAC’s various participating venues. Artist applications are accepted each spring for the exhibition year, and juried by the Committee. This Committee can do all of their work remotely, reviewing exhibition candidates via email correspondence with NCLAC staff. The Committee may also provide professional feedback and guidance to artists regarding the professionalism of their portfolios after they have been reviewed. In the case that an accepted artist backs out of their exhibition contract, this Committee may be called to convene to recruit an artist or artist group to replace them.

Peach Art Exhibit (PAE). This Committee begins meeting 3-4 months before the event in June to organize this event, from selecting a Judge for the show and finding sponsors for the awards, to hanging the artwork and taking it down the week of the show. Having some hanging and management experience is a plus for this Committee.

Event Committees

Silent Auction. This Committee involves a lot of behind the scenes work as it meets over a 2-3 month span before the event (10 days before Mardi Gras each year) to determine what sort of items to solicit for the Auction, to find donors for these items, create packages and written presentations for the items, and to coordinate the display of items and volunteers that will monitor and handle the sales of items during the Mardi Gras Ball where the Auction is exhibited, and clean up the display after the Ball is over.

ARToberfest. This is a large social-event held each October. The Committee begins planning at least 6 months before and up to the event. It makes the call to local brewers, secures the venue, dinner plate caterer, snacks, non-local beers, musicians, volunteers, and items like tables, chairs, glasses, etc. needed for the evening, and then coordinates the evening with the aid of NCLAC staff.

Holiday Arts Tour (HAT). This Committee usually begins meeting in August to plan this early winter event which includes; recruiting artists, downtown merchant hosts, musicians, and volunteers; managing the event that weekend; and assisting with promotion leading up to the event.