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Brush Hour Offers Children’s Art Camps this Summer

Posted May 17th, 2017 by NCLAC Admin
in Artist/Member News, Education/Outreach, Regional Arts News

From NCLAC Member Artist Christiane Drieling….

Please call or email her directly to register at 255-7422, or email: christiane.drieling@gmail.com. 

All the following camps camps are for kids 8 years and up; 6- or 7-year olds are welcome too, if they are able to stay focused on a project for a longer period of time.

Camps take place at Brush Hour studio.


Ndebele Houses

June 30 – July 7, 1-4pm

Art Camps for Children Summer 2017

In previous art camps, we built playful onion-towered “Hundertwasser” houses as well as cool modern buildings, inspired by deconstructivist Frank Gehry. This year we will continue the architectural series by creating South African houses with traditional Ndebele paintings. Ndebele house paintings are

characterized by expressive symbols and particular colors and patterns which tell the stories of the families that live in these houses, and which serve as a communication code among the Ndebele people.

The students will work on several consecutive projects, including a canvas painting, a small papermache house, and beaded Ndebele dolls.

$120 for 15 hours of classes, plus $15 for snacks and supplies (plus tax)
Note: This camp starts on Friday, no classes on July 4th.


Insect Abstractions

July 10-14, 1-4pm

We will take a close look at all the beautiful details of insects (photos), and draw them realistically while practicing our shading skills with pencils and ink. These drawings will serve as the basis for the main project, a large-scale mixed media insect abstraction on canvas panel. As we go, the young artists will explore various transfer techniques and discover fascinating ways of using watercolors and oil pastels.

$120 for 15 hours of classes, plus $15 for snacks and supplies (plus tax)

Printmaking: Mandala

July 24-28, 1-4pm

Printmaking is a fun artform that kids just love. The campers will make a variety of printing plates from many different materials; they are going to use sharp tools! After several small 2-D and 3-D projects, we will work on a larger wall piece and create beautiful and complex mandalas with symmetrical repetitive designs.

$120 for 15 hours of classes, plus $15 for snacks and supplies (plus tax)


Aboriginal Storytelling

July 31 – August 4, 1-4pm

In this camp we will study the typical styles, symbols, and the use of certain colors and patterns in aboriginal art. As a first project the young artists will imitate the aboriginal dot technique and paint small decorative wooden bowls.

The second project will go a
little further and focus on
aboriginal storytelling: Many
paintings in aboriginal art –
both ancient and con-
temporary – depict the
creation stories of the
artists’ ancestral lands in
aerial views. Inspired by the
concept and the unique
aesthetic of aboriginal
storytelling, the campers will create symbols for certain places and events of their own lives and paint their own geographic/earthly stories. Using the dot and hatching techniques that are characteristic for aboriginal art, the students will express their stories in vibrant colors on canvas.

$120 for 15 hours of classes, plus $15 for snacks and supplies (plus tax)